Q: What is Grow Up India?

A: Get started with Grow Up India and start your own social selling business without investing anything. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are used for social selling. Grow Up offers the following features:

1.	Products at wholesale rates, which you can sell and make money
2.	You can create your own online store
3.	Using a payment gateway
4.	We provide complete logistical support
5.	Cash on delivery across India
6.	Attractive rewards and bonuses

Q: What is your website all about?

A: Our website is a platform where you can resell a wide range of men's and women's products and earn money.

Q: How can I earn money from your website?

A: You can earn commissions by selling our products to acquaintances, relatives, and friends after registering with us and purchasing any product.

Q: What types of men's and women's products can I resell on your website?

A: You can resell a variety of men's and women's products such as clothing.

Q: How do I start selling on your website?

A: To start selling, you will need to create an account on our platform, and wait for approval. Once you have successfully registered, you can list your products for sale, set a price, Can provide details and upload photos.

Q: Is it free to list items for sale on your website?

A: Yes, it is free to create listings for your men's and women's products on our website. You can showcase your items to potential buyers without any upfront costs.

Q: What is the procedure of payment ?

A: When a buyer purchases your product, the payment is securely processed through our platform in 7 days.

Q: Can I sell both new and used products on your website?

A: No, you can’t sell used products on our portal.

Q: How can I attract buyers to my listings?

A: To attract buyers, make sure to provide clear and detailed descriptions of your products. Include high-quality photos from different angles and consider setting competitive prices.

Q: How do buyers find my listings on your website?

A: Buyers can find your listings by searching for specific products using our search bar or browsing through relevant categories. Optimising your product titles and descriptions with relevant keywords can increase visibility.

Q: How do I handle shipping?

A: As a seller, you are responsible for shipping the sold items to the buyers. You can choose your preferred shipping method and provide tracking information to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Q: What if a buyer has a problem with a product or transaction?

A: If a buyer encounters any issues, we recommend addressing their concerns promptly and providing excellent customer service. If necessary, you can work with the buyer to find a suitable resolution.

Q: How do I track my earnings and sales on your website?

A: Our platform provides a dashboard where you can track your earnings, sales, and other relevant data. It allows you to monitor your performance and make informed business decisions.

Q: What if I want to remove a listing or close my seller account?

A: You can easily manage your listings through your seller account. If you wish to remove a listing or close your account, you can do so by following the provided options in your account settings.

Order FAQ

1. Q I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?

A: Please reach out to our customer service team at.

2.Q Will the delivery be tried again if I'm not able to collect my order the first time?

A: Yes, for orders that could not be delivered on the due date, delivery will be automatically rescheduled for the next working day

3.QThe delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?

A: Track Your Shipments in Real-Time

4.Q What should I do if my order is approved but hasn't been shipped yet?

A: If your item is not in stock, we may have said that we can't confirm your delivery date yet. You could also check the product detail page to confirm whether your item is in stock. While we try to avoid it as much as possible, sometimes, the stock we have can fluctuate, and lead to delays in sending your order.

5.Q Can I take the shipment after opening and checking the contents inside?

A: No you can't

6.QHow do I know my order has been confirmed?

A: A confirmation email assures them the order was received and is being processed, and that the order is correct

7. Why do I see different prices for the same product?

A: The same product may be listed by a variety of sellers, so you may see different prices.

8. Is installation offered for all products?

A: Certain products are installed and demoed by sellers through the manufacturer or an authorized service provider. To find out whether these services are available for a particular item, please check the product page.

9. Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Growup?

A: Logging into your Grow Up account is necessary to shop. It is faster & more convenient to shop as a logged-in user as well as more secure. The shopping experience will be personalized for you, including recommendations and faster checkout.

10. What does 'Preorder' or 'Forthcoming' mean?

A: 'Preorder' and 'Forthcoming' items will be released soon and you can preorder them with sellers. After the seller has officially released such items, you will receive them from them after pre-booking them.

11. Do sellers on Growup ship internationally?

A: Sellers on Growup can only ship within India at the moment.

12. Can I use an item that has been given to me as a gift from a state sponsored or an NGO-funded freebie distribution programme to get discounts through exchange offers?

A: The company policy prohibits discounts on such items under exchange offers. For more details, please refer to the 'Exchange Offers' section of the 'Terms of Use' page.

13. If I request for a replacement, when will I get it

Answer: If you request for replacement your order will be arrived in 7 working days.

14. which products are not eligible for returns

A: Different products are not eligible for retruns. Customers should read the return policy before making any purchases. Returns must be made within the allotted time frame and must include all original packaging. Refunds are given after the product is received and inspected.

15. Can items be returned after the time period mentioned in the seller's Returns Policy?

An: Yes, items will be returned after the time period mentioned in the seller's return policy Refunds will be issued after the item is received and inspected. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is damaged or not as described, the seller may cover the cost of return shipping.

16. Do I have to return the freebie when I return a product?

A: Yes, user manuals, warranty cards and freebies has to be returned along with the products

17. How do returns work?

A: In retail, a product return is the process of a customer taking previously purchased merchandise back to the retailer, and in turn receiving a refund in the original form of payment, exchange for another item (identical or different), or a store credit.

18. I see the 'Cancel' button but I can't click on it. Why?

A: The problem is, the "Cancel" button no longer works in this window. "Update" works fine, and the user can close the window to avoid updating, but I'm afraid that if the cancel button doesn't work, they will feel forced to click "update", which could lead to data loss or input errors.

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  • Money Guarantee
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